… I’m back …

April 14, 2010

I have awoken from a long slumber and find the world different yet similar. A year has passed and much has gone unsaid. My silence ends now. There is much to prepare for but we must stay mindful of the fact that the journey is what is important not the destination.

I just liked this 🙂


The Good Pain

April 15, 2009

I agree with many that the most important aspect or tool in any survival situation is the mind. A positive attitude coupled with calm focused action / reaction is the key to overcoming what you’re up against. The second most important tool is your body and that is what I will discuss here. I will discuss mental sharpness and attitude in another post.

Your body is a truly awesome creation. It has incredible feedback mechanisms to let you know what is going on inside … you just have to listen / feel for them. I am amazed by the complexity of the processes the body goes through to do fundamental things such as breathing, digesting food, sweating, and lets not forget to mention the sensory elements of the body. Vision, hearing, and smelling are truly awesome. We have to keep in mind that these systems can break down if the body is damaged or lacking the necessary fuel or conditioning to operate properly. The point here is that the body is an incredible tool if you can harness its capabilities and keep it in good working condition.

In a physical survival situation any lack of conditioning or damage to the body is amplified due to the mental and physical stress of the situation. Survival situations can come up at any time and one of the best things anyone can do to prepare in advance is to maintain a strong healthy body. The strong and healthy body is less likely to be damaged or at least will take less damage. Also, a strong and healthy body will hold up better and longer under extreme conditions. We serve ourselves short if we live with a poorly conditioned and unhealthy body.


Now I say all this from a stage of a very unhealthy body … but that changes now.

Yesterday was my first day back in the gym and I will go again today, and tomorrow, and the next day, etc. I need to build a tremendous amount of strength and recondition my body for a much higher level of endurance. I am changing my life. I will workout 6 out 7 days with a day of rest and I will eat 5 to 7 meals a day. The meals will consist of good clean carbs and protein sources. I will also incorporate at least 2 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fresh fruit per day. Carbonation for the most part is on its way out of my life. Soda may come back occasionally on Sundays (my day of rest) but not much more than that. Replacing the carbonation is a couple of cups of coffee and a lot of water (10 cups), some juice, and a little sports-drink when it is needed for repair. Lets get this straight: Food is great and I love it but at the same time we need to remember that food is simply the bodies fuel and we need to feed it right so it can run properly. I know that I will struggle with that but it’s a challenge I will boldly face.

Physical conditioning is not always fun to get started. There is pain involved in waking fossilized muscle…I know a bit extreme for a man of 28 years but that’s what it felt like yesterday. I hit the gym and did some upper body work. I intentionally took it a bit easier on weight and reps so that I could avoid completely tearing myself apart which I have been known to do upon restarting conditioning routines. All the same I am in pain today. The ligaments and tendons in or around my elbows and the associated small muscles in the region are very sore. Major muscle groups are not so bad yet but we’ll have to see tomorrow.

The workout plan is as follows: Lift, Cardio, Lift, Cardio, Lift, Cardio, Rest, Repeat. The Lift days will alternate between upper body and lower body. I may at some point this summer switch to push-exercise lift days and a pull-exercise lift days but well just have to see. Upper body muscle groups are Chest, Shoulders, Lats, Biceps, and Triceps. Lower body muscle groups are quads, hamstrings, calf, and abs. Typical lift sets follow an intensity interval curve with Sets as follows: 12 10 8 6 12 12 with 30 to 60 seconds recovery time between sets. The last 12 will be an opportunity to change the exercise but not change the muscle group. Example: DB Bench Press (12x 35lbs, 10x 45lbs, 8x 55lbs, 6x 65lbs, 12x 55lbs) and DB Flys (12x30lbs) would be a chest exercise. For now the cardio is 20 minutes of intervals on an elliptical trainer (very low impact). I also plan to incorporate some swimming as well. I love the water and swimming is a great workout and uses a ton of muscles.


So thats the plan. I encourage you all to take control of your body and reshape it to the tool it was meant to be. We can all be stronger and healthier. Good luck and God bless.

Metal Gear … solid?

April 6, 2009

Advisory Warning: New Blogger here! My goal is to catalog and share my ideas and the conclusions I have come to through this process. This is a no flame zone. All ideas are welcome.

When I think about physical survival what comes to mind first is the gear. What will I need versus what will be available when I need it? Because I am just starting out my mind wonders about: What do I need to gather? What can I gather right now? What is practical? How much will this cost? Where should I start?

To be perfectly honest I started with a lower priority item first a while back …paracord but that is for another post. The first item on most must-gear check lists … I will add links as I remember too… is The Knife or Knives. I have done a little poking around and found that a stainless steel, fixed blade with full tang is what you’re looking for. I could not decide on my first knife model so I nabbed ‘two. Wife raised the eyebrows a bit but we got over that 🙂 … I love her.

Anyways, back to the cutlery. The first model is the tried and true Buck 119 Special.

Buck 119 Special

Description: The Special features a 6″ clip point 420HC Stainless Steel Blade. It is 10-1/2″ in overall length and weighs 7.5 oz. The 119 Special also features a Phenolic handle with a polished aluminum butt and finger guard, and comes with a fitted black leather sheath. The 119 Special, as with all Buck Knives, comes with Buck’s 4-Ever Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Key here is that The Buck 119 has served many people well for a long time and is a great knife that is very reasonably priced at ~$50.

For my second knife I went with something a little more Rambo-esque without going Ka-Bar. I went with a SEAL team knife: SOG S37 SEAL Knife 2000.

sog s37 Seal 2000


Blade Length 7″
Overall Length 12.3″
Weight 10.3 oz.
Edge Partially Serrated
Steel AUS 8
Handle Zytel
Finish Powder coated

This knife is very impressive to look at. I don’t know what it was but I was really happy when I unwrapped it. Did I mention it feels great in your hand … well at least I think it does. I figure if the SEAL Teams use this one then I’m sure it will find a place in my pack. This one is a little more expensive at ~$90-$120 depending on what sheath and what not.

And yes … I am a Playstation man if you got the metal gear: solid reference…BOO on The XBOX!

Beginnings …

March 30, 2009


Thus begins my Blog-ology. The focus of this journal is to catalog the knowledge I gain as I prepare for whatever may come. My hope is to learn as much as I can and share what I have gathered from many. It is my stretch to update this blog every Sunday evening to maintain my commitment to prepare.

About myself: 12-21-80 living in Texas. Dedicated husband with no children yet. Christian committed and humbled to my path. Driven to NOT lose. Skilled engineer studying for a Masters Degree. Life is my goal.